Jakob Ripp

Jacob Ripp

Travelling through Asia, I`ve seen a lot of different cultures, religions and generations praying together. From time to time, they had different lyrics, different rules, or different clothing, but all the times they were using their body, as their hands and their voices. 

What does it mean to pray?
Does it have to be based on religion?
Is it only a lecture?
Could you pray simply by singing?
Are you praying by dancing?

Praying can be a kind of a dialogue, speaking and listening at the same time. These days, people are speaking a lot, as there are endless ways to express theirselves, but it is getting more and more difficult to perceive the conscious of listening.

The project “Prayers – a human function” focuses on movements of praying, or praying through movements.  So if there are no lyrics, if there are only little words we still understand, we also understand what it means to listen.

Jakob Ripp